How Long Do Aluminum Ladders Last?

The basic question that many people have is, how long do aluminum ladders last? Well, like many other things in life, aluminum ladders age with time. However, you can restore their luster with a little maintenance and care. To extend the life of an aluminum ladder, you should inspect it before and after use. Here are some tips. After use: 1. Check the surface of the ladder for dents and dings. 2. Examine the spreader bars to ensure they are working properly.

Another important factor that you should consider when determining whether an aluminum ladder will last is how lightweight it is. It should weigh no more than twenty pounds and most people can easily handle this weight. This makes it ideal for transporting it from room to room or storing it at a worksite. A lightweight aluminum ladder is also easy to move and can easily be transported to a different location. Its durability is not in doubt, but it is still important to consider the weight and how easy it is to move the ladder.

Lastly, make sure to protect your ladder from moisture. Never leave it outside for extended periods. Humidity can cause it to rust. Also, do not store it too close to an open flame or in direct sunlight. If you need to store your aluminum ladder outdoors, you should place it under a lean-to. This way, the feet of the ladder will remain protected. You can also install a heavy-duty lock on your aluminum ladder to keep thieves from taking it.

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