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Fitting Room Technology Benefits Fashion Retailers

Virtual fitting rooms are an emerging trend. The ability to scan yourself and create a virtual fitting room can make shopping more convenient and time-efficient for shoppers. These virtual fitting rooms, also known as 3D virtual fitting rooms, are available through companies like 3DLOOK and YourFit. Using 3D scanning technology, the customer’s measurements are extracted and used by the retailer to improve distribution and product design, and improve their marketing campaigns

In-store fitting rooms are a key part of the brick-and-mortar retail experience, and new technology is transforming the experience. According to Accenture, nearly 70% of millennials and two-thirds of Gen Z consumers want to use their smartphones for physical shopping. Fitting rooms equipped with the right technology can turn casual shoppers into brand aficionados. With these benefits and more, fitting rooms can become a valuable asset for retail businesses trendingbird.

Virtual fitting rooms are increasingly popular, especially with the recent pandemic, COVID-19. In the midst of the pandemic, clothing sales dropped 43.5%, partly due to the aversion to personal contact. In addition, global lockdowns made it dangerous to try on clothing in public, and many people became hesitant to purchase clothing. Virtual fitting rooms reduce the risk of exposure to the disease by allowing consumers to view an article without touching it.

Virtual fitting rooms can also benefit fashion retailers by allowing customers to see clothing on their bodies in advance of buying. This helps reduce return rates, which can run as high as 30%. These smart mirrors project an image of the customer on a display screen, which they can use to try on the clothes. Further, retailers can see which products are the most popular by allowing customers to try them on before making a purchase. In addition, virtual fitting rooms have the potential to increase a retailer’s revenue by enabling consumers to view products in an interactive environment.

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